Temple Furnace

It is very Old Process for Recovery the Remelted lead from Scrap battery. This process is best for Battery Plates and Lead Dross Process. After Cutting and Removing the Plastic part of Scrap Battery, the lead content materials is fed into Temple Furnace (Blast Furnace) with proper quantity of mixing Wooden Coal (Charcoal), The Metal part is melted and same time the Lead compounds in the scrap react with Charcoal and produce Lead Metal. And Separated with the other metals. 


Charcoal in the oven performs the functions of both, the fuel as well as a reducing agent for obtaining lead from its oxides charged in the form of lead plates & Powder. Temperature of the furnace is maintained at the desired level for approximately 30 minutes, after which molten lead along with slag flows out from the bottom of the oven into the outlet pit. Here slag is separated and molten lead is poured into Ingot shape Moulds. To maintain this, continuous charge of raw material and coke is maintained in the furnace. This process leads to generation of flue gases which are toxic in nature and so appropriate and adequate Air Pollution Control System is Installed for their treatment.

Process of Temple Furnace


  • It is very Low cost Process for recovery the Lead Metal from Scrap Battery Plates.
  • Very less Quantity of Material can be process.


  • It is very toxic process and labour oriented operation.
  • 10% Metal is remain in its yield process that is not possible to recover in this process.
  • Production Capacity Maximum 5MT/Furnace in 24Hrs is limited in this Process.