Barton Oxide System

Barton Oxide System
Major Parts of the system
  • Melting pot
  • Reaction pot
  • Bag filter system
  • Collection and storage system

The Solid form of Lead Ingot is fed into Melting pot through auto conveyor. In Melting pot the solid lead converted to Molten Lead by heating through Burner.

The Molten Lead is fed to Reaction pot through auto controlled SS Valve. In Reaction Pot the Liquid Lead metal converted to Powder form Lead mono Oxide and continuously going out from this reaction Pot to storage system through Automatic Pulse jet Bag Filter system. And same time the liquid metal is continuously fed into reaction pot from Melting Pot.

The Bag Filter system consists of Cyclone separator, Pulsejet Bag Filter,ID Fan and Rotary Airlock Valve.
The Powder form Lead Mono Oxide ( Massicot) is collected from Cyclone and Bag Filter system and Stored in Storage Silos through Screw Conveyor and Bucket Elevator machine.

Key feature
  • It is PLC controlled auto System
  • Capacity 2MT/Day to 20MT/Day 
  • The Product quality parameters is set by PLC controlled – System temperature, Load and Suction.