automatic Battery Breaking and Separation Unit

One of the Leading Manufacturer of Lead Battery Breaking and Separation Plant 

Battery Breaking and Separation Unit


  • Fully automatic machine
  • Battery size maximum 900mm.
  • Wet or Dry Lead Acid Battery including AGM Battery.

Lead Battery Breaking Process

Scrap lead acid battery breaking and separation system is fully automatic environment friendly ease of operation with minimum maintenance and low operating cost.

Through the system, batteries are crushed into pieces by Hammer Mill, and then the lead paste will be washed in the vibrating screen into the lead paste sedimentation boat. The oversized part from the vibrating screen then enters hydro separator. It Separates the battery into Metal Lead, PP Chips and heavy separator. The Paste slurry is sent to Filter press and separate the paste into Cake form and the acidic Water sent to Acid Neutralization System. It Neutralize the acid by adding lime solution and separate the cake and the neutralize water is reused for the system.

Automatic Battery Cutting and Separation Process includes:

  1. Battery unloading and storage
  2. Electrolyte collecting and filtering
  3. Battery charging
  4. Battery breaking
  5. Separating
  6. Lead plaster filter-pressing and storage
  7. Acid mist collecting and washing

Through the process, the batteries will be separated into lead paste, lead grid, PP, and heavy plastics.